Upcoming Development Projects

Bloomington and the surrounding areas are booming. Here are the latest property developments worth watching unfold. 

Upcoming Development Projects

The Trades District

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The Trades District is a 12-acre portion of the Bloomington Certified Technology Park that has been designed to become a cutting-edge, sustainable urban community that will nurture creativity and entrepreneurship among its citizens and workforce, help brand Bloomington and our region, and function as a dynamic tech sector hub, attracting private investment, employment, and visitors. Construction is expected to be completed by early 2025.

The Bloomington Certified Technology Park encompasses 65 acres of downtown and is adjacent to many cultural attractions, restaurants, core neighborhoods, and housing. The B-Line Trail, the City's multi-use urban trail, runs through the area, further linking it to other areas of Bloomington's historic downtown and beyond.

The Forge

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The Forge, also known as the Trades District Tech Center, is a new, 22,000 square-foot, sustainably designed building that will provide class-A office space for Bloomington’s growing tech sector. The project is funded by a $3.5 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), and $9.3 million in matching funds from the City of Bloomington. 

Inquiries  are now being accepted. Contact Clark Greiner, BEDC Business Development Director for more information.

Hopewell Neighborhood

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Hopewell is Bloomington’s newest neighborhood, located just south of downtown. This  $17M Infrastructure Investment is targeted for completion in November 2024. The goal is to create 1,000 residential units, including single-family, multi-plex, townhomes, and multi-family dwellings. The major focus will be expanding affordable rental and ownership opportunities for workforce households who may have difficulties paying rent and finding housing close to their jobs.

Major amenities include: 

  • Pedestrian scale streets, sidewalks, and plaza area
  • A Community Stage
  • A Rain Garden & Sustainable Landscape
  • Public Art
  • Connection to the B-Line Trail

Though the neighborhood is new, its legacy began in 1905 when Bloomington’s Local Council of Women bought a 10-room red brick house that would become our community’s first hospital. The house was located on a portion of the acreage that became Bloomington Hospital and later IU Health Bloomington Hospital.

For more details about this exciting project, click here.

Convention Center

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Located in downtown Bloomington, the Monroe County Convention Center is expanding and upgrading to provide more space and amenities to local businesses, organizations, residents, and visitors. The center offers 24,000 square feet of meeting space with 10 private meeting rooms and banquet facilities. Bloomington has always been the second most popular destination in the state after Indianapolis, and the expanded convention center will live up to that distinction.

Monroe County Airport

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Monroe County Airport Is a county-owned public-use airport southwest of the central business district of Bloomington. It currently serves as a regional hub for business by accommodating corporate jets owned by businesses in the local area. It also sees significant traffic from charter flights, including those bringing sports teams to Bloomington for Big Ten events. Expansion plans for this airport are underway and will be announced soon.

Learn about development opportunities at the Monroe County Airport

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