The Best & Brightest Are Earning their Degrees in Monroe County, Indiana

Indiana University and Ivy Tech play a crucial role in shaping the population and workforce of our community. With over 48,000 students and over 88% enrolled full-time, IU is a top-tier institution reliably bringing in a diverse talent pool. Many IU students begin their lifelong professional careers as interns. The school has a 90% retention rate, and a significant number of graduates stay after graduation, contributing to the dynamic energy and stable continuity that add to our quality of life. The school offers a wide selection of valuable Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees. Ivy Tech’s enrollment exceeds 5,000 students and offers a range of certificate and degree programs designed to align with the growing and evolving needs of the local job market. Beyond the economic and workforce contributions, local students engage in numerous community service initiatives, volunteering, and outreach programs that directly benefit local residents. 

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Indiana University Bloomington Photo

Indiana University Bloomington

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Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington