A Strong Life Sciences Ecosystem

Our community has built a legacy of excellence in Life Sciences thanks to our high concentration of trained engineers and scientists, and our cooperative relationships with higher education, businesses, and various public and private entities. This synergy has created an ideal environment for cutting-edge research, scientific discovery, and the development and manufacture of products that save lives and improve human health across the world.  

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One long standing relationship and catalyst for advancement and growth is the Bloomington Life Sciences Partnership, hosted by the BEDC. This partnership is a unique collaboration between private industry, higher education, and government, which champions our community's growth in the Life Sciences sector.

Another strategic partner is BioCrossroads, a collaborative community dedicated to connecting corporate, academic, and philanthropic partners in Biotech. BioCrossroads, facilitates investments in promising start-ups, builds new enterprises, and provides continuous industry education through conferences, reports, and market development knowledge.

Mutually beneficial relationships in Life Sciences are continuing to emerge. In the summer of 2023, Heartland BioWorks, a consortium led by Bloomington-based Applied Research Institute, was designated as one of the 31 inaugural Tech Hubs in regions across the country that show potential for rapid growth in key technology sectors. This consortium exists to synergize regional Biotech innovations to accelerate the production of new life-saving medicines. 

If your company is focused on reaching new heights in Life Sciences, Monroe County is the place to be. Contact us today. We can help your company grow.

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