BEDC is Promoting Economic Vitality in Monroe County

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About the Economic Vitality Project (EVP)

Communities thrive when they have a strong, shared:

  • Vision for the future, which guides strategic decision-making across sectors
  • Brand identity, where the community leans into what makes it great
  • Investments in the vision, by focusing resources on initiatives that align with the goals, to ensure a strong foundation for the future

As a response to these needs, the EVP is a community-wide initiative launched by the BEDC in 2022. 

  • Phase one of the project produced a community scorecard, to help frame for local decision makers what community investments are needed and why. It is based on 630+ community survey responses, 140+ community participants in committees, focus groups and interviews, and a review of 40 existing plans from across Monroe County.
  • The BEDC has already been leading efforts tied to employment and wages through its ongoing work. 
  • Phase two (forthcoming) involves sharing this information more broadly + identifying partners to implement the emerging strategy.